In today's economic times, every design dollar must be wisely spent. A multi-year game plan is needed to strategically position you ahead of the competition. Noovo's Design Roadmap service creates this winning strategy. We review current products and customer segments to create your target product framework. This framework is superimposed with your current offering to identify opportunities & redundancy. We then work with you to understand your priorities and constraints to develop a detailed plan to keep your current products fresh while efficiently targeting identified opportunities. Together we create visual design briefs, extending your target product framework to the designers, ensuring they are on the same page creating a cohesive brand appealing specifically to your customer segments not yet addressed.

The Design Roadmap provides leaders with the plan to ensure you have the necessary design resources and are effectively (without miss-steps) using them to create broad customer appeal, increase sales and gain market share. Without a design roadmap, do you know where your designs are taking you?
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